Rachel Farabaugh is an artist & entrepeneur residing in Los Angeles. She connects her dreams and inspirations with her passion for art to create a multitude of creative enterprises. Through her illustrations, art, graphic design, jewelry and photography she is able to express her creative visions in ways that connect with the world.

She is a lover of nature, travel, adventure, mystery and finding hidden treasures at the flea market. She likes to see the beauty in things that often get overlooked and show new perspectives. Her dreams play an important role in her creative work, and she keeps extensive dream journals of stories and ideas that she brings to life through her collages and children's books.

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Graphic Design

2001 - 2006

Rachel attended Western Michigan University where she completed her BFA in Graphic Design and graduated with Honors. She learned the skills necessary to transition her from the world of art into the world of graphic design.

2006 - 2008

Upon graduation, Rachel landed a job at the former Six Degrees Magazine (currently 944) in Detroit as Advertising Graphic Designer. The fast paced introduction to the real world gave her no choice but to keep up and sharpen her skills. She worked with an impressive number of clients and became very good at multi-tasking and deadlines. As she developed her relationship with the business owners of Detroit, her freelance work became a full time side job, and she formed her first company. It was a month later that she was offered a full time contractor position at Carlson
Marketing Worldwide as Art Director on the Saturn Account. With only six months of experience under her belt, she jumped at the opportunity to enter the advertising industry, all while holding down her other two positions with the magazine and her own clients. For nine months, she balanced all three jobs and gained much insight from having three unique vantage points. It was at the end of that time that she turned down a full time job offer with Carlson, quit the magazine and moved to Cali.

2008 - Present

After closing out her Detroit based business, Rachel co-founded designRACY in late 2008 and it's been running strong ever since. Based out of sunny Venice Beach, there is no shortage of inspiration to be found, and Rachel has followed her intuition and desire to live her dream life in California. To view samples of her graphic design work, visit www.designracy.com.


Bohemi+Chic is an individually handmade jewelry line that combines vintage materials with unique one-of-a-kind pieces The inspiration for the designs come from the organic beauty of nature integrated with the glamour and exotic world of fashion and travel. The result is a luxury line of jewelry than can be worn to match any style, is lightweight, and feels like it's a part of you when you wear it.


For email inquiries: please contact rfarabaugh@gmail.com or fill out the form below.